Monday, October 2, 2017

Facebook had become a dumping ground for our degenerative brain cells

The advent of social media arrived with much fanfare and it promised to be a revolution that needed to be televised, so we were told. Newspaper reels and media theorists across the expanse of information highway had tongues wagging. Here was a novelty about to level the playing fields in a disproportionately uneven information age.In came Facebook in a whirlwind fashion pushing the then MYSPACE out of the way.The promise was to allow a peasant from Kenya or a Shepherd from rural South Africa to engage with issues of the day. An informed citizenry. I remember hearing this from my then esteem Media Studies Professor. How wrong we were! Fast- forward Facebook to 2017 it has become a dumping ground for our degenerative brain cells. Instead of democratizing information social media had led to a high point in narcissism. Selfies and a general useless mutterings that don't make us better human beings had taken center stage. Make no mistake. There is nothing wrong with individuals feeling good about themselves. It is in our innate nature to talk about ourselves. It makes us feel good in otherwise unforgiving economic times. But I guess my gripe with Facebook is the level of stupidity that has since gained ground. I for one I'm fascinated by news that makes me more informed, more better human being than I was yesterday. I often read with mind numbing boredom about individuals posting entries about what they are eating for lunch. Another time a friend of mine posted an entry of him checking in at Kentucky Fried chicken. Another yuppie acquaintance had this posted " Phew, I just had a delicious Sushi" Imagine that?! Well, maybe sushi eating is suppose to be earth-shattering news. We' ll never know. As such I had taken a resolution to stay away from Facebook to get my bearings right. It seems as though I am the odd one here. I long for substantive topics and debates. Tell me something that I don't know about. Teach me about foreign places and cultures. About books and movies that had touched your life. Let me get of Facebook a more informed citizen not feel as if I am missing out. The millennials are the worst kind of people you can find on Facebook. Here in South Africa videos of minor are posted everyday about the sexual escapades of these group. Indeed, I intend to take Mark Zuckerberg to the International criminal Court for crimes against humanity. I cannot take matters lying down. Something ought to give. At the rate we're are going humanity is faced with extinction.

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