Tuesday, July 4, 2017

All that glitter is not gold

I very much like the saying. It captures everything about me though I am not being anything near narcissism. I know how the very use of the word tend to make one appear such. Let me point out from the start I am very far from that hated state. Well, human beings like to talk about themselves, isn't? I guess its got a lot to do with the very nature of our existence. We exist precisely to make meaning of our lives. Our sense meaning, by its very nature, tend to be subjective. That is the conclusion I had made ever since I was able to differentiate wrong from right, and form my own opinions. Do I sound redundant? Well, forgive me for committing this cardinal sin. I, Themba Joe Nyauza who is, by the way, not narcissistic had realized I am attracted to the very simple things in life. The other day I was with a couple of friends on a research trip in Cape Town where we happen to visit the V&A Waterfront in the city. What is funny is that every time we were there I tend to fall sick. I would feel bloated and gasping for air for no apparent reason. Even the food on various top-notch restaurants did nothing to whet my appetite for the so- called "good things in life". Everything around me felt stuffy and I feel trapped. I longed for the open clear air by the sea not that air - conditioned environment. One of my friends even thought there was something in the air of this world class shopping mecca that made me sick. I would like to agree with her. Talk about dancing to a drum of a different beat... Funny enough, to those with me I could see they were all starry eyed. Their went "wow" like Alice in the wonderland. I could see their eyes taking in the d├ęcor, terribly expensive clothes and whatnot. They were so enthralled by this spectre of capitalism at its zenith. Like kids in a candy shop...or make that a toddler in TOYS R US department store. It was the same at the glitzy Cavendish Square and Access Park shopping paradise. They were flitting from store to store fitting this clothing item, trying this wrist watch and feeling the comfort of this high-end sneaker. Man, it was heady! Myself I did not enjoy any of this. Poor me... I only became myself when we were in the Townships around Cape Town where I was able to immerse myself in the local culture. Or when we visited famous land marks like the Chapman's Peak, Ostrich farm and the majestic table mountain. Now that was something that captured my mind. I was like wow!! I enjoyed trying out the local cuisine and tasting a juicy, succulent piece of steak prepared over coals by the locals. Long street downtown was another spot that I enjoyed immensely. It may be due to its bohemian disposition that made me feel at ease I don't know. Tasting different brands of craft beer was quite an experience as well. I guess these mumblings point at nothing but the fact that all that glitter is not gold. At least to some of us. It is anything but. Adios....

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