Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When did the senseles rush to acheive become so maddening?

What all the fuss about this rat-race to achieve? The need for achievement had reached fever pitch in recent times that one can only label as mind-blowing. Many among us about to burn out. Phaa! Out in the ether of nothingness. This headlong rush to become has reached epidemic proportions and with it goes our most basic element...simplicity. A very fulfilling way of living in my book. Most people around me are infected with this 21st Century malady. Why? Where did we go wrong? How did we lose the plot? I am sitting here and mulling over this as we speak. Well, achievement is a good thing if it only make us better beings. But this?! No ways man! It has become our obsession. I happen to share a house with this one guy who seem to be afflicted with this madness. Thwaa! It hit him in the face while he was sleeping one night, it may be. I don't really know. The workaholic housemate of mine is going straight to an early grave. Working from Monday to Sunday, up by five O' clock in the wee hour of the mornings and coming back in the early evenings. Jesus Christ of Nazareth! To make what? An extra buck so that he can buy that car he is always talking about? Oh please! It pathetic way of existing. For a piece of scrap metal. Jeez! He has become what I had picked somewhere in my Sociology class the other time. A cog in the forever whirling wheel of the grand capitalist system. Trying to become a bigger cog in this dog - eat - dog pathetic system. It is so sad when I think he could be taking time out to enjoy life. To feel sunlight in his face and listen to the beautiful, angelic sound of Enya crooning Carribean blue on the sound system. Watching all this unfolding in front of my eyes I sometimes feel choked. Precisely by watching nice specimen of human beings losing their selves in things that have no value in the greater scheme of life. My guiding principle in life is that no one will remember my material achievements when I die, but they will most probably remember the time I spent with them. When will we be able to enjoy the simple things in life if most of our lives are taken by this senseless need to achieve? To be more? Huh? Damn right. My plan is to go out every now and then and enjoy the open veld. I want to feel the fresh air of the savanna beating softly against my face. To listen to the distant sound of thunder when the rain clouds gather. To hold a small, feeble lamb in my hands. Enjoy its softness on my face To feel the soft sand on the beach under my feet with water breaking against the rocks. To see a genuine smile spread across my friend's face as we sit talking...watching the sun going down on the horizon. Such a pointless rush to nowhere is getting stuffy for my liking. It has turned humans into robots with numbed senses. And as empty vessels we watch life passes us by. Numbed by our innate need to keep up with the Joneses even if it means working our fingers to the bone. I'm sorry such pathetic existence is not for me. Nah! Thanks, I will pass.

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