Friday, May 12, 2017

The anachronism that is job interviews

Let me say something that has been bothering me for quite sometime. Job interviews suck and they should have been thrown out of the window by now. I mean in this information age where everything we need to know about someone is at the tips of our fingers. They are an anachronism that let pure talent slips through our fingers sometimes. Especially those hated type...the panel interview. My God! Who is that sadistic individual who invented this method of interviewing? He or she should burn at the stake, at a public place nogal. They are pain in the ass!(excuse my French). Here is a typical example: You'll get the all important call that you have been waiting for to tell you to come for an interview for the post that you have applied for. The happiness that comes from getting that call! With your heart beating in your ears you go yay! Then reality sinks in. It will be a panel interview! You start stressing. What is the appropriate attire to wear, then about what kinds of questions are they going to ask to whether you should arrive an hour earlier of five minutes just before the actual interview. I think this is just useless rubbish that should have long been forgotten. I mean for starters you have proven that you have a modicum of a teachable mind by going through the education system or whatever training that you might happen to have gone through. That should count for something, right? Unless, of course you are applying for public office like, say, the Presidency or anything similar that will require public speaking. Why do you have to go through this useless torture? Then you arrive in your best attire. They ogle you. Your posture, your tone of voice, blah, blah, blah. If you ask me, the whole thing should be overhauled. Interviews should be made as informal as possible. Maybe held at the local Restaurant or at park. I remember arriving at an interview one day with a spring in my step as a ploy to calm my nerves. Then I met this woman who look something akin to Winnie the Pooh. I was in my element, extolling my virtues and whatnot. I was so taken away by my narrative that when I was done I caught Winnie the Pooh looking at me as if I am some kind of a lunatic. The whole incident felt like when you answered your door and find the Jehova's Witnesses standing on the other side and you are not actually in the mood to talk about God but you don't have the polite way to say so. It was kinda like sad when I think about it. We could have avoided the unfortunate incident had Winnie the Pooh took the trouble to go online and check my personality there. She could have gotten a clearer picture of what kind of person I am or was. What makes me tick or what makes suck. That kind of thing. Then there this stupid question that they like to ask: Tell us about yourself. For me this sounds narcissistic. I can tell you more about myself without being asked so pointedly and I think It can save everybody trouble. I remember a very fruitful Job interview that I once attended. It was so informal for it was held at a Coffee shop. The ambience was so relaxed that I even forgot I was in an interview. I bet my interviewers got to learn more about me more than they could have been at any other setting. See? Yes, I think standard job interviews have passed their sell-by date. They are an anachronism like so many other things that I can think of. We have facebook,skype, twitter, the lot! Jesus, why can't we get on with the times?

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