Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bathabile Dlamini's sartorial faux pas

I was watching the evening news the other day when the Minister of Social Development, Bathabile "let them eat cake" Dlamini was being grilled by the Parliamentary portfolio Committee on Social Development about her misdemeanors. The issue on the agenda was centred around her unauthorized use of the public money for private use. Well, this is Africa. News reels had been written about this scourge to no avail. To cut the long story short. The Minister was accused to have used State money for security upgrades at her children's residence. The Portfolio Committee was trying to rectify this seeing that it put government officials in a bad light. Now you may be asking why is it wrong for the mother to make sure her kids are safe and secure? We know the story of South Africa and its rampant violence, right? Well, to me it seemed wrong for the Minister who is presiding over a very important portfolio to be found wanting. Social Development Department is such an important portfolio in a society where 26% is unemployed and, therefore depend on welfare. She is supposed to be the custodian of the poor. The down and out and those of us who fall within the cracks of our Guptarized economic system. One thing in particular did not sit well with me that night when I was sitting there watching her trying to extricate herself from a sticky situation. Listening to her trying to justify her decision smacked of unaccountability. But here is the rub. What really caught my attention was the Minister's glasses. You know, those made infamous by nerds. It was almost as if the Minister was trying to pull the smart girl look. I am here to point out the she failed spectacularly! What she managed to achieve was the crass-I-don't- give- a - damn look. It was as if she did not care about spending that obscene amount of money on matters unrelated to her work. In South Africa that is toiling under the yoke of poverty and destitution! Let me not mention the violence that is putting South Africans under siege. The next time the Minister appears on National television she should at least consult an Image Consultant so that she can package her into the caring Mother Theresa her Department requires her to be. Honestly. What she managed to achieve by wearing those glasses was the cheap girl look if you ask me. She only needed to chew a bubblegum to complete the look. Crass and utter irresponsible in my book! She should definitely take a leaf out of Winnie Mandela's book. Now that's pure class! Especially when it comes to sartorial elegance. If I were you Madam Minister, I would most definitely fire my assistant for letting me go on a national television looking like that. You should be striving for the look that says "I care about the welfare of South Africans". That crass Marie Antoinette look is a no! no! Please!

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