Thursday, April 20, 2017

With My Tongue Firmly in Cheeck

With the Law Society of South Africa threatening to discontinue the accreditation for the LLB qualification of the Universities of the North West, Walter Sisulu,UNISA and Free State University respectively, if the quality of their programs do not improve, I wanna stretch it a little bit further by saying the quality of the Social Sciences programs across the spectrum of Higher education is questionable. In fact, I wanna even go further to suggest that the Minister of Higher Education need to be sued. For precisely giving me and you crappy Social Sciences degrees. I am fuming because mine are three in number. I that lawsuit I intent to include WITS University for offering me three worthless degrees. I now fully understand the import of the FEESMUSTFALL brigade of decolonizing our education system. Or rather, I could be more enterprising and sell my degrees on the open market. Any bidders? Mind you, we're talking second class pass across the board. Still no takers? Or perhaps I could exchange my degrees with English/Linguistic/ Creative Writing Courses. Here is why: languages are the carrier of culture and Creative Writing...well, it creates our experiences. I think I have been short-changed. When signing up for such worthless crap you are promised to be given skills, right? Few years down the line I don't think I have acquired any skills at all from such programs. What I have learned so far had been more outside lecture halls rather than inside them. Why? If the Social Sciences are still hung up with Karl Marx, Durkheim et al, then we are not developing at all. Are there no new ground-breaking thinkers out there who can make us solve our present day problems? I mean if we are still clinging on these outdated theorists? No wonder we are not progressing as a people. I mean in the true sense of the word. I wanted to go into journalism program after my first degree, but then I realized I am not interested in facts. My interests lie rooted in ideas, which means I wanna formulate and have my own opinions about issues. Not governed by facts. That felt stifling. It does not require rocket science to figure out most of the stuff taught in Social Sciences. I mean people in Vhuwani in the Limpopo Province do not need Karl Marx or Theda Skcocpol' theories to revolt. Do they? They just do. Another thing that boggles my mind is that why if you wanna go into Journalism program at WITS University you go through such a rigorous selection process? Essay writing and panel interviews with seasoned journalists from Media24 and Times Media? The biggest media industries in the country? I totally fail to understand. Upon finishing my degrees I confidently applied for the Graduate Development Program at the then Department of Foreign Affairs. I failed twice before I gave up. That was after I queried with one of the admin staff. Her short response was "Mr.Nyauza, you Psychometric tests results suggests that you are not suitable for working in the Department. You are too opinionated and here we like people to follow orders. In short, this is not the best place for you". Duh! 1

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