Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mind Adventures

Smooth-talking individuals are a talented lot. I think we need such individual to fill positions of power in Government and the Private sector. Such individuals inspire confidence in laymen like you and me, isn't? I know this because my circle of friends happened to have these breed in abundance. Individuals that can have you spellbound in what they are saying that you often forget that they have a tendency for lying....yes, lying through their damn gleaming teeth! One such individual is...Franscisco (let us call him Franscisco to protect his identity). Fransisco like living on the edge and will, therefore, spin the most incredible tales to get what he wants. At one point he tricked people into believing he was a Pastor because he realized that was the easiest way to get people part with their money. He was successful in that because he always had rolls of cash lining his pockets. This was before member of his congregation caught him drunk and coming from the watering hole. This fellow had tricked a lot of people in my neck of the woods. Ladies are his bread and butter because you cannot be a smooth-talker and never be a ladies man, I suppose. Another fellow of this ilk is one called Majaivana (the one who dances).to This dude goes through life like a force of nature. You'll be enthralled at how he finds it easy to have people eating out of the palm of his hand. Such people can be used in our schooling system (methinks). They could be very useful. This is because we keep churning robots who cannot think on their feet. Our graduates cannot formulate a logical, reasoned thought that can stand on its own with quoting some degenerate scholar. Our South African schooling system is in dire straits. It needs immediate intervention. Mr & Mrs Smooth-talker can fill this void. Let them teach courses that go by the names of "The art of Smoochzing" and "the Basics of Individual Thought". I think we can go a long way as a people in terms of our development. Think along the lines of Silicone Valley. We wouldn't be churning out individual in the mold of our Police Minister, (who unashamedly stood in front of the nation and lied). More importantly, we wouldn't be producing pathetic National Spokespersons who are a disgrace to the nation. Next time I find myself on a caucus committee of some sort I will advocate for the hiring of such individuals. As for me, I wish to be reincarnated as a smooth-talker in the next life-time!

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