Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's Spring time!

That time of the year yet again! Wow, all things bright and beautiful! I Like it when seasons changes...time for taking a stock of our lives and the that makes us tick. It is that time of the year when mother nature gets a new lease of life...the greenery, the fresh air...beautiful ladies, who seem to be having a golden glow that makes them a little more attractive. People in general are a lot more friendlier and whatnot. It feels like I can climb at the top of the mountain declare my gratitude to all who care to listen. Yes, indeed, this is a wonderful world! Warts and all. Let us for one minute stop mourning and appreciate the good things in life...negativity makes up a greater part of our live...in media, social networks and the like. No wonder we're full of cynicism spite. Take this moment to take a breather...and say ahhhh, all is well with my soul.

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