Monday, January 21, 2013

The scourge of the Unemployed graduate

It is actually painful if you think about it. You spend so certain amount of time studying for your degree hoping that when the time comes it will come useful. That was what I used to think back then when I was still a starry -eyed student. It has now been four years now and counting. I go to interview after interview hoping to land that elusive job. The usual story is "we'll call you in due course to let you know about whether you made it or not". You'll sit waiting for the call to ring and it will never happen. This days employers don't roll like that. The tagline is "if we don't call you then take that as having not been considered." You cannot risk calling them unless you want to run the risk of appearing desperate. So you sit and wait for that call that will never come. You soldier on filling application after application. Some prospective employers are well-meaning, some you feel as if you're being weighed, assessed and whatnot.I have met many of them some of them sneering, some patronizing and some downright mean. These days I fill my days with writing blogs and articles for community newspapers. At least that is something that gives me inspiration.Something that I for finding employment in the near future...ahem!.


Anonymous said...

Hey Themba. Long time. How are you doing this 2014?

themba nyauza said...

Hey Wanjiku!Gee, it has been a long time indeed. 2014 had been great for me I must say...and you? What had you been up to??