Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The scum of the earth

I was walking down-town with my friend on Saturday morning. We were passing through the Johannesburg High Court Precinct to mind our own business. There is always a group of distitute Zimbabweans seated listlessly on sidewalk benches. On this particular day what captured our hearts was this one woman with a child who asked us any money that we can offer her and the child, as she pleadingly openened her hand.It was a very touching experience as my friend turned and offered the only money that he had by then. The touching thing about the whole incident was different stories the faces of the child and the mother told. The mother's was that of distitution, hunger, hoppelessness and misery whilst that of the child spoke careless disregard of the precarious situation there were in. It spoke of the one oblivious of the fact that It did not care where the next meal was going to come from?....or where there were gonna be sleeping that night?

These were the things that concerned my friend and I as we talked about the factors that lead to this group of economic refugees to be living in conditions that they were leaving in. And that the present Government of self- styled messiahs are doing nothing to ease the situation. That this is basic politics that needed the Malemas of this world. Where are the "men of the people" who had been splashed all over newspaper front pages like popstars that they are? South Africa is a country sitting on a ticking time -bomb with the scum of the earth seated at the top and bottom layer of Society. The leadership is rotten and incompetent. The tax payer's money is being used with no care in the world and even individuals are pompuos about holding the whole county to ransom, thereby kicking the very same tax payer in the teeth..


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Anonymous said...

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