Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A City slicker at heart.

I have spent the last six months outside the confines and comforts of Johannesburg to go and witness life in some parts of South Africa. To be more pricise, the specific locations had been George and Oudtshoorn in the Karoo, and Upington,Springbok and Calvinia in the Northern Cape.
What strikes one about these areas is their complete laid-backness and calmness.One can hear himself think in these areas. These areas does not offer much in terms of entertainment for the person of my age. The days are long and dragging in Upington and temperatures mostly in the mid- thirties. As for George, it is the exception for it has the sea, which,for the most time,provided the necessary distraction.

For the time I spent there I found myself constantly thinking abouth the energy that is Joburg.Perhaps you could say that my problem is not having the ability to adapt to different situations.Well, maybe yes. But then the experience opened my eyes to the city slicker that I am .I realised that I thrive in a fast- paced enviroment of quick decisions and constant feed of information. I thrive on the constant buzz of humanity going through their daily business and the pulsating sounds of different cultures being reborn in a melting pot of song, dance and a constant search for creating news meanings. For me...this is home....this is where I draw my strength resolution to look at the coming day with determination and hope in the knowledge that things will work out well in the broader scheme of things

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