Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Living Years

Time lost ....time never regained - the saying goes. Mike Rutherford and the Mechanics (the US Music Band)say that every generation blames the one before. And that how beffiting it could have been that they could have been given a chance to show their gratitute to their mentors it the parents or those who had been influential in their lives.... who unfortunately had passed on. The chance to say whatever they had to say had slipped by and they have only stinging memories to console themselves with...
Eversince I learned of the passing of Jean Powers this song [the living years] had been rechoceting through my consciousness. Jean had been such a person. Gone too soon. A Mother Theresa reicarnated.Yes, the world has become much poorer whith the passing of Jean. And I believe that that the World of Work would never been the same without her ( Much respect to Lesley and Roy) .... and others who made the programme for what it was.
I believe the same goes for fellow WOWERS who had the previledge of meeting the person of the calibre of Jean Powers. I believe that the spirit that Jean ecompassed will continually live whithin us who had the blessing of having met her......

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