Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zuma' s dogs set free

The Zuma cohort had won round two as Jugde Nicholson dismissed the corruption charges against him on technical grounds. The mob had probably downed a number of Johnnie Walker Blues in celebration of that victory.Every possibe hiccup had been "eliminated". The airhead, Julius Malema was heared yesterday bellowing and baying for blood of certain individuals. Yes, South Africa, brace yourself to the leadership that is made up of a cabal that will resort to anything to achieve its objectives, even if if undermining(or threatening)the legitimate institutions of the state. Yes, brace yourself to be ruled by the likes of Fikile Mbalula and Julius Malema with a morally inept leader at the helm....

Brutus, in taking a decision to conspire and, eventually, in killing his best friend Julius Ceasar had this to say about him...."it must be by his death, and for my part i know no personal cause to spurn at him....He would be crowned : How that might change his nature , that's the question? It is the bright day that brings forth the adder. Crown him and therefore put a sting in him" In here Brutus talks about how crowing Julius Ceasar an emperor will corrupt him and make him a puff adder with a sting to match.Fast - foward that to 2008 South Africa and you have a similar situation. Blade Nzimande, Malema, Vavi and others - a dangerous combination .....Yep, brace yourself good citizens of this intriguing nation.

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