Friday, August 3, 2007


A visit to the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) is the one I wish every individual in the WOW 2007 never to forget, especially the money making opportunities that are there. It is the place where dreams are made and broken. I personally will not like the thought of enjoying the fruits of my labour when I am all grey-haired, and tired to the bone due to long years of hard labour. Times have changed and you no longer have to wait for pension funds or retirements packages to have any substantial financial resources.

With the JSE you can make money right now and really grow your profile. Investment is the buzzword of the 21century. Investments options available on the JSE are the Exchange Traded Fund, the Bond market, Agricultural Derivatives, Money markets, etc. What is interesting is the fast way in which individuals can create wealth in a very short time unless, of course, they are willing to take investment risks. So jump into the bandwagon of the fast paced money markets!


Valentin said...

You are completely right, Themba.
Today you can make money much easier than before.
You don't need to wait until you become old in order to have some substantial income.
Of course, you need to be clever, creative and skillfull to make it into the big world.
However, this all comes with experience.
I wish you that!


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Hallo there! Investing is great if you understand the stock market or let someone who does direct you. There's the downside of loosing a lot of money if you make the wrong investment or your investments becomes worthless the next second.

Thomas Blaser said...

Hi, Themba, I saw your comment but I think I erased it by mistake! Hopefully, you find time to make another comment? Thanks, Thomas.