Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Today I finally made it to the lion’s den called the interview. I arrived almost at the same time with Maxwell, who seemed well prepared for the gruelling questions that awaited us. Adam arrived a few minutes later after Maxwell went in for his turn to be put on the spot. While we waited for our turn, Adam and I were given a task to write up a newspaper advert and a formal email for the impeding seminar on Small and Micro Business development. It was actually fun to be doing that though it was also quite obvious that they were looking for something specific to work with.

Tracy, that’s that lady who was interviewing us, was quite cordial and friendly. She actually made the interview an informal affair. For me it felt as if it was an informal talk that needed to understand my interests. The place was itself abuzz with young entrepreneurs brainstorming ideas. I was later to learn that the place actually cater for a wide range of entrepreneurs, not only the youth. Finally, I must say, I don’t know what to expect. I guess I just have to let fate decides.

See ya! Themba.


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Congratulations Themba,hopefully this will be the beginning of good things to come in the near future. All the best as you go through these processes towards achieving your objectives. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Susan Arthur said...

Good luck Themba, it sounds like a great opportunity

Susan Mwangi said...

Hi Themba,
The whole "lion's den" attitude is quite intimidating. Imagine if you had looked at the interview as an opportunity to size-up suitable employers & work environments,would that have made a difference in the outcome of and approach to the onterview.


Thomas Blaser said...

Sounds like an interesting place, this business place. I trust you will be able to use your exeperiences for the wow book.

themba nyauza said...

I do understand the fact that my equating the interview with the lion's den does not go well with you. Well, like it or not the interview situation is quite an intimidating situation. I try to be myself in those situation but i cannot help the tension that i sometimes feel.