Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We all have come to experience some sort of customer service in our lives. Some of it phenomenal, whereas some pure dismal. And I guess the experience had been that of gratefulness and sheer disillusionment respectfully. Both good and bad service makes a significant part of our memories. Some of those we will want to cherish for the rest o f our lives, and others we could just as well forget them- they makes us cringe, negative and bad tempered.
Perhaps, you could ask –where am I getting at? I am dedicating this entry to the 2007 WOWers. I am asking – who is the customer in your blog? Is it someone who happens to stumble on your entries or someone specific? How are you treating them? As individuals who have values, passions and interests or what? Without trying to be grandstanding I will like to see the customers of the Armchair Critic as not only possible employers, but as individuals who like to critique, who like to push the boundaries, and perhaps individuals who are “constructive radicals”. I cater for group of individuals who do not feel intimidated at all in speaking their minds. Sometimes I don’t crack it well, but on a daily basis I try to reflect this and to be truly committed to serving this “hard –to- please –customers”. I will like to think that you bloggers (WOWers) are writing for a specific category of customers out there (or employers for that matter).That you are not just shooting in the dark hoping to hit your target (the proverbial shooting- from -the -hip)

I would like to hear you thoughts on this. Please get back to me as soon as you can… (Mwagi, Stallion, Ijeoma…and others)


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

A rabble-rouser as always. I believe in speaking up for my beliefs as well Themba. So....big ups!! But I also believe that sometimes one has to play the game of diplomacy/politics to get what they want. Unfortunate, but that's life. However, the truth will set you free most of the time!!Keep doing what you're doing!!

Valentin said...

Themba, I agree with Ijeoma.
Usually, I belive that one should always speak their mind, in other words say what they think. I always prefer to do that myself.
Nevertheless, sometimes you need to be aware of the fact that if you always say what you think, you might hurt somebody.
If you remember, during today's workshop on mentoring, Hillary Gibber mentioned that expressing one's opinion needs to be done in a constructive manner.
In case that you are critical of something or someone, you still need to pose that critique in a constructive manner, not by just throwing blames at people in an irrational and selfish way.
In fact, she elaborated on that as a response to one of my questions. In fact, I asked her:
"Is expressing your opinion or being assertive always a good thing?"
And as I illustrated, she said "yes, it is a good thing, but you need to do it at the right time at the right place".
Yet, I still believe that being honest and straight-forward is a good thing, in fact-a "skill" that you should develop constantly.

Thomas Blaser said...

My audience? I don't know. I try what works and what pleases me. I know I had some hits from unknown people, they even commented and sent emails. So ja, be my guest. Subject to change, as they write.

Susan Mwangi said...

Because I find blogging and telling stories quite therapeutic,I write for me... for the most part. (I know I sound insanely self-absorbed, but its true.)
But, without a doubt, I still keep you, my dear reader, somewhere at the back of my mind.