Thursday, May 17, 2007


I must say I was quite thrilled by the session by Fiona MacDonald on leadership. She raised important issues that I think are important to everyone out there who want to make something of his life. She drove the point home that every one of us is a leader in a given situation. Come to think of it, I used to think that leadership was a prerogative of certain individuals – that certain calibre of personalities have an inborn knack of leading. How wrong I had been? I am especially interested in the leadership style that fosters co-operation and team work. Cut-throat competition, though also good, it has led to viciousness and enmity. I believe in support in all my endeavours as a living person and competition always brings the worst in me. It makes me feel or believe that I am the best in relation to the next person. But, all in all this is a competitive world. It is either you swim with the flow or sinks, and if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!


Thomas Blaser said...

With competition, it is like with conflict. It can lead to improved social outcomes and I think it also makes life more interesting. What counts is how it is practiced. Competition can be cordial. When we brainstorm together, we choose the best ideas to act upon. And yes, we are competing. When we have conflict, let's try to resolve it and give satisfaction to all parties. What an achievement!

Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Well said Themba,
I however think that positive competition is needed for that 'edge', which brings out the best in all of us. Let's keep the flag flying.

Valentin said...

Themba, certainly the issue of leadership is important, especially at the work-place.
In this regard, I was impressed by Brad Arden's session on team-work. If you remember, he talked in details about the issue of team leadership.
He said that at any given time one can find himself (herself) as a team leader depending on the nature and course of the agenda of the discussion.
He explained that anybody could drive the course of the discussion at any given time and contribute to the team with their own skills, strenghts, talent and qualities.
For that reason, anybody could be at any time a team leader. What do you think?

Valentin said...

Themba, I feel exactly the same way as you describe ( I am referring to your latest blog. I publish it again, because I am not sure that it has been successfully published)!
We certainly built up solid friendships during these five weeks of intensive training.
I really hope that we could expand them or deepen them with time despite the fact that all of us go their different routes sooner or later. Well, we'll see!
With regards to the "dream job", yes, I believe that it is possible. It is always important that we know that we follow our hearts in whatever that we are doing. I really believe that "dreams come true" eventually.
As Ijeoma says, success in life is entirely up to you (the individual): "the road to success starts with you".
So, just keep the energy going!
By the way, I posted a comment on this blog a while ago and now I do not see it. Is is lost?
Have you come across any comment from me on this blog before?