Thursday, April 12, 2007

how do i feel now that i have managed to post

Quite elated I must say cos it will get me in touch with most of the people out there. I like sharing information so it will be the right tool to do just that.


Celeste said...

Hi Themba

Your profile shows you have a strong value system regarding family and friends. What a great quality to have. I really like the fact that you included it on your profile, because it reveals a lot about who you are. I'm very excited to read your future blog entries.

Good luck with the course!



Valentin said...

Themba, how do you feel about blogging right now when the program is finished?
Has it helped you somehow reveal your image? Did it meet your expectations? Did you learn anything new about yourself through the advices, comments, opinions and recommendations of others?
Please, share this with us!

Themba Nyauza said...

Thanks a lot Celeste. Much appreciated.