Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Few pointers to a Blissful career- from the horse’s mouth

As the first week has passed with me and my colleagues in the World of Work Workshop, I thought it worthwhile to reflect on what I found useful to me in as far as preparing for the intimidating and yet alluring world of work. I realise that some of the colleagues had already alluded to most of the tips touched on by the speakers in the first week. What I am more interested in here is what the colleagues out there had missed. What has captured my attention is what the various speakers had pointed to - the human element in the whole process of looking for a job. The human element is comprehensive and broad in this regard. You need to factor in things like your passion, value system, company culture and perhaps your personality .The welcome address was quite great with that talk about transitions that individuals make at important points of their lives. What I personally understood was that- as an individual at the transition stage of your life- you need to have a mind shift that would make that transition quite possible. What I gather from this point is that, as recent graduate who is still wet behind the ears, I need to make a conscious effort to notice the difference between the world of academia and the corporate world. I have to also acknowledge the fact that these two entities are worlds apart in terms of organisation. Basically I need to prepare my mind to face the unknown. This is what transition and mind shifting seem to be telling me.

Perhaps the human element factor comes in with what Roy has alluded to in terms of our blogs.He mentioned something about giving our blogs an identity, that your personality should shine through your blog posts. There is a common thread running through what all those speakers said last week- that originality and openness about oneself should be what is coming through in our different forms of engagement, be it our writing or our speeches.
Parting shot: Values! Values! Values! I can’t over emphasise the importance of this guys. These guys are like the compass in ever expanding sea of choices, decisions and fears. It’s what encourages you to speak when everybody chooses to remain silent, what forces you to unashamedly stand up and let you anger rage on for something you doesn’t like. But hey guys, enough with the serious stuff! You know how I really felt like in the first week …like I am in the apprentice show. Remember that TV. Show by Donald Trump?…bye.


Elspeth said...

Hi Themba,

The quality of this writing is better than in your original posting, it show what the attention to detail can do.

Well done.


Ijeoma Uche-Okeke said...

Themba, it is interesting that the 'human' element was not emphasised in this particular way in the other blogs. I think it is however alluded to in the different aspects that were highlighted. But I like the angle you have taken. You are right of course. It all starts from ourselves, as we were told by Elaine maleka and Raj Naran from the CCDU, self-awareness and self-examination is the place to begin.

Susan Mwangi said...

Hi Themba,

After reading our blogs, have you noticed that our personalities are beginning to shine through our postings? I have.

As Ijeoma suggests, self-awareness is important. I think it is the key to understanding what Anton Gollub discussed - our purpose. We need to come to the party (WoW or the work-place)with our uniqueness (our true gift to the world).

I am just wondering, "To what extent does an organisation's success depends on the quality of the staff ('human element') on board...

Valentin said...

Hello Themba,
I found it interesting that you talk about how one portrays himself (herself) in the workplace.
In fact, I believe that your blog illustrates well the point raised by Andrew Hofmeyr earlier. Indeed, he said that we should expose our qualities and not necessarily our qualifications in the workplace. You can read my blog and Ijeoma's blog in this regard. They essentially elaborate on this point.

Demi said...

Thanks for writing this.

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Themba Nyauza said...

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